A/41 Medbury Road, Westminster (Seller)

I highly recommend Juliana for any real estate needs! She sold my house quickly and efficiently, providing expert guidance and exceptional service throughout the process. Juliana was professional, responsive, and went above and beyond to ensure a smooth transaction. Five stars isn’t enough – I’d give her ten stars if I could!

A/41 Medbury Road, Westminster (Buyer)

From a buyers perspective I found Julianna very easy to deal with. She was very professional and transparent. She always communicated promptly and did her best to make the transaction as seemless as possible and acted very well between both parties. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again in the future.

16B Offham Way, Westminster (Seller)

I had a fantastic experience working with Julianna. She is knowledgeable and was attentive, went above and beyond to help us sell our property. I highly recommend Julianna’s services to anyone in need of a reliable and dedicated real estate agent.

16B Offham Way, Westminster (Buyer 1)

Julianna was extremely professional, knowledgeable and friendly throughout our buying process. Even as a buyer, you could tell she had our best interests at heart and would help us in any way she could.

16B Offham Way, Westminster (Buyer 2)

Julianna was amazingly helpful, organised, and kind during the whole process. We went to many home opens that didn’t even have floor plans, but Julianna had every single piece of information that we could need, ready to go. She made the process easy from start to finish, was always available to answer and questions, and meet us for all steps required during the buying process. I could not recommend dealing with Julianna more, she is open and honest. Thank you again Julianna!

12 Patchem, Westminster (Seller)

I was very happy with Julianna’s service, she was a complete professional with a good understanding of the market in the area. She was highly motivated and quick to get things moving, the house sold after only one home open for a great price. I am glad I chose to go with Julianna as my agent!

12 Patchem, Westminster (Buyer)

Julianna was extremely professional and knowledgeable, as well as friendly & easy going. I would highly recommend Julianna, if I were to ever sell my property in the future, I would go to her first.

3/10 Cope Street, Midland (Seller)

We were very happy with Juliana’s professional service, understanding of the area and real estate market. Juliana’s care and attention to detail with what was needed to sell our property was excellent. Julianna listened to what we wanted which important and very much appreciated. Our property was sold after three home opens and we sold it for more than what we hoped for. Thank you Julianna for your help and support throughout the whole process. Your post sale service was great.

21/14 Morley Drive, Tuart Hill (Seller)

Julianna really went above and beyond for me when selling my property. She put in so much time and effort and I really don’t think I would have gotten such a great price for my property without her. Motivated and enthusiastic, I would recommend Julianna to anyone!

3/26 Margaret Street, Midland

Hi Julianna. I’m so glad that Alan introduced me to you.

I just need to tell you that you have been my life saviour. You gave me the opportunity to retire. You know that “the Agency” in Midland had my property for 3 months, not only did they not sell unit 3/26 Margaret Street, but couldn’t even get anyone through my front door.

Meeting you renewed all my hope with your new fresh approach and marketing tactics, which made my property outstanding and one of the best units in Midland. It wasn’t the building but their advertising and marketing.

You came and changed all of that, amazing! I’m forever grateful. It’s amazing that you sold it in the first house open! and got me an extra $45,000 in the process 👍😄.

You not only did that for me, but also for 3 other friends, one being my brother. We all had the same problem. But you helped them the same way you helped me, and got more money that they could have ever imagined possible.

You have the ability that to go into any area with your market knowledge, and outshine the local agents.

You are passionate in what you do, with the love you have for your clients that’s something I have never experienced. You are one and stand alone on your own platform. Anyone that comes to talk real estate with you will see that you are different from all the rest.

Julianna, you are one in a million. I’m 66 years old and I’ve been in the building industry all my life, a builder by trade.

Thank you for giving me my retirement. God bless you.

Noel Debono, 2023

20 Shipley Place, Westminster

Let me count my many reasons to thank Julianna for her amazing representation and sale of my property:

  • Support: From the onset Julianna caught my vision, made it her own, improved on it and delivered 100%
  • Presentation: Julianna immediately swung into action, and in no time at all, had highlighted all the features of my home even creating important touches, I had previously overlooked.

Thank you to Julianna’s design and her incredible photographer’s ability to capture the beauty of my home.

Carol, May 2023

20 Shipley Place, Westminster

Julianna was extremely professional and knowledgeable, as well as friendly & easy going. I would highly recommend Julianna, if I were to ever sell my property in the future, I would go to her first.

Rebecca (buyer), May 2023

3 Plateau Heights Hovea, Hovea

Professional, honest and efficient Julianna provided an exceptional service.

Always happy and ready to help.

Julianna’s professionalism and knowledge accompanied by passion and honesty,
proved she was the best real estate agent for the job.

We put our trust in Julianna and her team. She certainly delivered!

Thank you for an amazing result in a very short amount of time.

Truly appreciated!

John Bulliard, December 2022


Julianna – I really appreciate your effort in reaching out to tenant.

Love your work ethic and passion for property. Hope to have a safe with your and buyer for the right price. Fingers crossed.

Gopal, September 2021

Banksia Grove

I’m happy that you successfully sold the home and completed the sale and worked with me on the asking price. You did a good job. Thank you very much Julianna.

Tamra, August 2021

1A Graceland Av, Landsdale

Thanks Julianna for being so honest and helpful you made purchasing this property very easy.

Frank, August 2021


I had the pleasure of being a recent client of Julianna. Her communication skills, customer care, honest & professional manner is a credit to her character. Julianna’s client centered approach is matched by her extensive knowledge of all aspects of Real Estate which greatly contributed to the success of our collaboration.

I have rarely seen such dedicated ethical professionalism and faithfulness to clients as I see in Julianna. I have no hesitation whatsoever in referring potential clients in her area of expertise, knowing they are in a very safe pair of hands.

Johann Dupeux, July 2021


Hello Juliana,

We appreciate the best efforts you made to sell our house we are very pleased with your services the communication and professionalism was of a high standard thanks.

Alan & Simona, July 2020


Julianna has provided us with honest and reliable assistance in purchasing our first home. Her personality and communication with us throughout the process made the experience enjoyable and fun.

Thank you again for your assistance, we love our new home.

Jamie, 2020

65 Watsonia Rd, Maida Vale

Hi Julianna, on the behalf of my partner Stacey and I, we just want to say thank you for letting us purchase 65 Watsonia Rd Maida Vale. We had a lovely eperience and the purchase went seamlessly.

From addepting our offer to getting our keys in 4 weeks. Also thank you for getting us the best deal possible for the property, I would recommend you to everyone as you’re very lovely and professional. Once again thank you.

May 2020


Dear Julianna,

Thank you for the sale of my land in Beckenham. It was sold very quickly and efficiently. Your manner was very pleasant, friendly and I was kept informed of what was happening during the process of the sale, which I feel is important. I am very happy with the sale price and it certainly was a good decision to engage you to sell my land.

Thank you again.

Andrew, 2019


Our Journey with Buy+Sell Real Estate has been a successful one! We had a 4 x 2 property in Balga we purchased in 2013 and since then the market plummeted. In 2016 we tenanted the property out and prices continued to fall. As our circumstances changed we made the decision to sell in a tough buyer’s market and realised we needed to find a hard working experienced local agent to sell our home in this climate. We shopped around a few agents and decided to engage Julianna who is very knowledgeable, refreshingly genuine and passionate about her work.

Since day one Julianna has been proactive, flexible and helped us above and beyond the call of duty! When our tenants moved out she advised exactly what we needed to do with minimal costs to make this property presentable. She could see we needed guidance and personally coordinated a meeting with a maintenance team to get the property painted, cleaned and presentable ready to sell. She continued to visit our home to ensure the work was completed to her high standards.

We listened and trusted Julianna’s sound advice. Julianna recommended we stage our home with minimalistic stylish furniture to appeal to our target market. The strategy was to sell in spring and before Christmas and market the property with vigour! And that she did! It was well worth spending the money on the maintenance team and staging of furniture as our asset was truly presented in the best possible light. Our home was beautiful and appealing and well worth spending the money on the presentation. Julianna arranged for the photographer to take the best shots and highlight the features….And that he did! Julianna and the photographer together came at twilight to get the outside shots and came again the next day to get the inside shots with the sun coming through the windows. I couldn’t believe our home could look so good!

Julianna introduced us to the new way of selling via Openn Negotiation which gave us the best chance to find the best price in the shortest time frame. We were reluctant at first as we hadn’t come across this method of selling, however we did not want to be still on the market in 6 months continuing to pay our mortgage in an empty home using the standard private treaty method. The online auction was scheduled one month after we went live on the market. Within the 1st hour Julianna had enquiries and this momentum continued through the whole campaign. Julianna was incredibly flexible to all prospective buyers and opened our home up and welcomed everyone through! We had a lot of traffic coming in and thanks to Julianna’s warm charm, the brilliant photos and staged furniture our home was the “Most Popular” property in Balga on realestate.com.au (October 2018).

Auction day came up quickly and Julianna had 4 bidders signed up to Openn Negotiation. The auction took 25 minutes where it came down to two bidders transparently bidding until we reached the final bid which didn’t reach our reserve price. As part of the conditions with Openn Negotiation we were able to continue to liaise with the highest bidder and we agreed on a fair price the next day (November 2018). Julianna facilitated this whole thing incredibly well taking into account everyone’s needs!

Without Julianna’s knowledge, hard work and devotion I don’t believe we would have sold it in one month from going on the market! Its tough out there and we’ve learnt that we needed to be flexible and smart and not allow our emotions to dictate our decisions!

Thank you Julianna for facilitating a bright new beginning in the next chapter of our lives! Such a great result!

Dani, December 2018


Dear Julianna,

Donna & I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for all the effort you put in for us to puchase our new investment property in Baldivis. After our first telephone conversation I actually called you up to cancel our appointment to look at the property as we had driven past & we just didn’t get that initial wow factor feeling. You had a long discussion with me & said that you would really like to show us the property & if we still felt the same you would find another one for us, you were convinced that once we looket through the house we would love it.

We agreed to meet you & we also brought along Donna’s mum Tristh who was going to be living in whichever property we puchased & guess what Julianna you were right, we all loved it & put in an offer there & then. You worked very hard to secure the deal & nothing was a bother & within 4 weeks settlement had gone throught & Trish was all moved in. We could not be happier with how it worked out & Trish is in a lovely place that she can call home. We are looking forward to seeing you soon & showing you just how nice it looks with all of Trish’s furniture in. Thanks again Julianna, not only have we now found a great real estate who we can highly recommend, but also a friend.

Kind Regards,

David, Donna & Trish, 2016


I have known Julianna for more than 10 years and she is my real estate agent. She sold my units in Balga and my house in Hamersley. She is a very hard working and honest real estate agent. She has always done a wonderful job for me. I would recommend Julianna to anybody knowing that she would do the job well.

Thank you very much for being honest with me Julianna.

Annie Durtanovic


Julianna, I am very proud of you as a former colleague in becoming a good, honest, hard working agent with integrity.

I will be HIGHLY RECOMMENDING YOU to all my former clients & friends forever.

Peter de Souza


I wish to extend a really big thank you to you for the help in selling my property, I know that it still has still to be finalized but it does not hurt to show appreciation and I wanted it to be in writing.

You are definitely a people person and have a friendly helpful attitude I hope that you will keep at it as I know you enjoy what you do and it shines through.

Good on you Julianna for your honesty and integrity. It has been a joy working with you and I have felt so comfortable with you. When all this is finalized I do not want to lose tract with you I have found a new friend.



Thank you for your excellent service. I am very happy with you and your very professional work and your honest behaviour from the beginning to the end: what made me to recommend you in the future to all my friends and relatives.

I would like to work with you again in the future and I hope will happening soon! All The BEST!



We purchased a Westminster property from you. The service what we got from you is probably we could get only from our relatives. Myself and my wife Simona we could not find a better real estate agent than you.

We would recommend Julianna to everybody that wants to buy property or someone who wants to sell their property. Julianna, thank you for everything.

Simona & Aurel


I purchased Changton Way, Westminster from Julianna. Julianna personalised, accommodating dedicated to serve customer with high demand.

Dr Marianne Vlaskovska

Coatelan Drive, Stirling

I lived at Coatelan Drive, Stirling (as a tenant) until Julianna contracted to sell the house. I found her hard working, polite and very helpful and the house was sold very quickly for more than the asking price.

I recommend Julianna to anyone looking for a resourceful, professional real-estate agent.

Peter Carman


Thank you, and it was a pleasure to have done business with you.

Jason Heeley

North Beach

Julianna’s integrity allows her to immerse herself into the thinking of everyone promotional team; this then translates into a very satisfactory outcome and peace of mind for all. Thank you Julianna for the job. Well done.

Helena Dragovic

North Beach

Thanks Julianna. Your quality of service ensured things could not of gone smoother, your direction and professionalism is something I really respect. You as a person are an inspiration and I am lucky to know you. Thanks for your help!



We were very happy with Julianna and the way she worked hard to sell our home. The result was very satisfying and we feel that we would certainly deal with her company again. Thanks Julianna for all your support and positive encouragement in these difficult times. Well done.

Mr J K Graham & Ms S C Pintaudi


Julianna, I want you to know that you are an angel. Thank you very much for all that you have done for me. With deep appreciation.



Julianna and I have bought and sold about 4 houses in the past 5 years. During that time Julianna has proven to me how passionate she is about Real Estate. Nothing is left to chance and she crosses all the t’s and dots all the i’s and keeps in constant contact regarding all aspects of the property transaction.

I have the upmost confidence in Julianna and look forward to buying and selling more property with her in the future.


20 Harkins Street, Westminster (Buyer)

I purchased a house through Juliana and she was the best agent I’ve ever met. Honest, efficient, professional knowledge, I can’t find anything bad about her work.
Thank you Julianna

20 Harkins Street, Westminster (Seller)

Julianna went above and beyond to sell my home. She made the whole process easy from start to finish. She styled my house, organised an incredible photographer and advertised it within days. She gave advice, answered every question and was very prompt with communication. She was very professional and clearly has a lot of talent and experience. I highly recommend her. Thank you so much for selling my house Julianna!

1/142 Morrison Road, Midland (Seller)

Julianna works diligently and with the upmost integrity, going above and beyond to achieve excellent results. I have sold two properties with Julianna, both times she achieved above expectations for the sale. I would recommend her to any seller who wants an honest, hard worker agent who truly has her clients best interest at heart.

20 Shipley Place, Westminster (Seller)

Let me count my many reasons to thank Julianna for her amazing representation and sale of my property:

Support: From the onset Julianna caught my vision, made it her own, improved on it and delivered 100%

Presentation: Julianna immediately swung into action, and in no time at all, had highlighted all the features of my home even creating important touches, I had previously overlooked.

Thank you to Julianna’s design and her incredible photographer’s ability to capture the beauty of my home.

11C Gibb Crescent, Westminster (Seller)

Me and my wife bought our first house from agent Julianna 6 years ago and we where surprised with the passion and professionally she has , and gave us the best deal and advice, and even this year we sold a property and gave the selling to Julianna that gave us best service again. When it’s time to buy we would certainly want Julianna for our agent.

3 Plateau Heights, Hovea (Seller)

Very good knowledge of the market.

6/104 King William Street, Bayswater (Buyer)

Julianna is the Queen of Real estate! She is super professional and is very passionate about her Job and going above and beyond for her customers! Julianna is also very fast and reliable at doing what she has said she will do! Highly recommended and it was a pleasure to purchase my Villa through Julianna!

12B Lodesworth Road, Westminster

I was very happy with Juliana’s service, she was a complete professional with a good understanding of the market in the area. She was highly motivated and quick to get things moving. The house sold after only one home open for a great price. I am glad I chose to go with Julianna as my agent!

Brad, 2023

12 Patchem Way, Westminster

Julianna has sold two properties for us in Westminster, the latest one located at 12 Patchem Way and we must say it has been a truly remarkable experience dealing with her.

Julianna has not only an exceptional knowledge of the area, but also possesses excellent negotiation skills, allowing her to accurately give us a believable valuation for both our properties and then to achieve a sale far in excess of what we expected. From the beginning to the end of the whole process.

Julianna has not only met, but exceeded every expectation of a real estate agent, we cannot recommend Julianna highly enough. She is a true professional in every sense of the word .

Thank you Julianna, you are amazing!

Karen & Leon Crozier, 2023

5 Patchem Way, Westminster

Julianna, thanks for the fast, efficient manner in which you sold our property. From the time we signed with you to the time the property was sold, you kept us ‘in the loop’ as to what was happening.

The selling price for our property exceeded our expectations. Your original ‘Appraisal’ satisfied any questions or concerns about selling and gave us a better understanding of the local market. We are sure your local knowledge helped with the quick and efficient process. Thank you so much.

Rob & Dianne, March 2023

11C Gibb Crescent, Westminster

My wife and I bought our first house from agent Julianna 6 years ago. We were surprised with the passion and protessional advice she gave us. We were given the best deal and advice.

Even this year we sold a property and had Jullanna give us the best service again. When it’s time buy and sell again we would certainly want Julianna for our audit.

Stefano & Ingrid, 2023

3 Plateau Heights Hovea, Hovea

Julianna and her team provided great customer service. The dedication and commitment given to secure exactly what was sought after in a very timely measure was exceptional.

Never in my lifetime selling or purchasing home had I experienced as I did with Julianna and her team.

I highly recommend Julianna as discerning purchaser or seller.

Carl Bulliard, December 2022

Yellowwood Avenue, Piara Waters

Dear Julianna,

Thank you so much for your professionalism in appraising our property. We cannot fault you at all. Your appraisal met our expectations and more. We believe in your caliber and have no doubt that you are the right person /friend to sell our property when the time is right.

Thank you for listing the “for sale “properties for us. I guess our next step is to look for a house to purchase and this will take some time. We have a clear idea of what we want and don’t want. Ideally we want a 5 bedroom house, with no garden maintenance, smaller block but a relatively good built up space in piara waters/ harrisdale because we want to be in the catchment for the Local schools.

Will keep you updated.Blessings.

Melanie & Carlos, September 2021

Appraisal of Yellowwood Avenue, Piara Waters

Julianna – My amazing lady, thank you so much for driving all the way to see us today. We are so happy to see you.

Melanie, 2021

Mount Lawley

Julianna made the buying process a breeze. Thankyou so much I love the new place. Cheers.

Evan, 2021


Hello Juliana,

We appreciate the best efforts you made to sell our house we are very pleased with your services the communication and professionalism was of a high standard thanks.

Alan & Simonia, July 2020


Dear Julianna,

We would love to thank you in the process of selling our unit.
From the first time we met you , you made us feel at ease, with a friendly manner together with your experienced knowledge and professionalism. Throughout the process you kept us up to date on every stage and made the sale so easy.

I would not hesitate at recommending you to anyone that is
Buying of selling a home. Thank you so much Julianna and all the best in the future.

Judy & Des, June 2020


Dear Julianna,

I am writing to thank you very much for being a star while guiding me through the purchase of 20b. You kept in touch regularly, were professional, knowledgeable. You were the perfect person to go to as a buyer. Thank you.

Sharon, June 2020


Julianna is a friendly and knowledbeable person to deal with, throughout the home buying process. She goes out of her way to help in any way she can and goes above and beyond what is required of her.

As a first home buyer, I’ve lerarnt a lot from Julianna, through her extensive experience in the real estate indulstry. she is pleasant to deal with on both a professional and personal level. Thanks you Julianna!

Katherine, January 2019


Dear Julianna,

Thank you so very much for all your effort. Without you we would’nt have been able to lving our house in Bassendeen. Will definitley keep in touch and happy to recommend your company. Thank you, Thank You, Thank You.

Sophie & Steve, November 2018


Julianna was helpful in buying 31 Dounley Street Balga property. She was quick, easey, friendly, full effort and always fun for a serious job.

With thanks,

Mark, October 2018


Thank you Julianna for a very good job and service!

From the beginning of the selling of 16B Newbery Street, Balga to the end of settlement, I was very appricate Julianna (you) did for me:

  • Prepartation of the house
  • Helping to stage the property

I’m very happy what I got & I will recommend Julianna to anybody for the job to be done.

Kaz, March 2018


Julianna is a great agent she goes out of her way to get help with property queries. She is very responsive and hard working, it’s been a pleasure doing business (buy property) with her.

Jigo, June 2017


I was so impressed by Julianna’s genuine and professional manner when I purchased my new property, that I engaged her to help me sell my own property. That it sold within days of going to market is testament to Julianna’s approach and superior negotiation skills.

Mary de Ruyter, 2017


I like to thank Julianna for all her kindness and support throughout a sale and buy houses through all the hard and good time. I has changed my life living in a beautiful new home which was not possible without Julianna passion for her abilities. I found her a very family kind, honest and trusting lady. Through this tough real estate market time I find a friend in Julianna. Because of the successful sale of my old house and buying my brand new lovely home.

I cannot thank her enough!

Vicky McKinnon, 2016


Julianna was recommended to me by a buyers agent. She kept me advised of the selling process by regular updates. She also advised strategy & methodology to ensure a quick sale in a depressed market. It was reassuring to be given guidance when I was on the other side of the country.

Kind regards,

Chris Politz


Julianna, thank you very much doing an exceptionally good job with selling my property in a short notice. You were really the right person in the right time for a right job. Because of you’re exceptional with interpersonal skills: understanding my difficult situation on a way I wanted to be understood and acting on that accordingly.

I will be more than happy to recommend your services to anyone I can.

Slobodan Bineski

North Beach

Thanks Julianna, to be honest once the property settlement went through I had the feeling I have done the wrong thing a little down and depressed. Because I am a capitalist and a consumer. But now I am happy again. And proud of my house.

Your service I feel things could not have gone smoother, your direction and professionalism I really respect. And you as a person are an inspiration and I am lucky to know you. Thanks for your help!



Wow, better experience than I even could have imagined, brilliant lady who is passionate, driven and excited to get the same or a better result as the seller and she makes it happen! Someone who you can have total faith in, makes a stressful experience joyful works with you and holds your hand and walks you through until the end.

I’m so happy my house is sold. We will miss her. She isn’t just your average salesperson, out for what’s in it for them, she’s different to that, she actually cares about people, she makes me smile and she is someone I would call a friend. And so you Julianna, from the bottom of my heart I mean every word and more.

I think god sent you to me because I haven’t encountered many nice people of late. And people like you are rare and restore my faith in mankind. I feel so lucky to have had this experience with you and also so lucky that kind beautiful people; have purchase my house and are letting me rent it back.

I was so scared to make this move even thought I really wanted it and my lovely home in the hills is being built and you sold my house for enough for me to get a deposit on my dream home, buy some things I want, have some money to but aside for later and pay out my credit card debt. It’s like a second chance at a fresh start for Bradley and I. You know I saw a psychic a while back when I was so down about my breakup and felt I needed some direction one thing she said that has happened is I would be moving east of where I am and I would get a little bit extra money for my house so I would have enough for what I needed.

Julianna, thank you for selling my home for $380,000 it was a perfect amount!



We have received the final documentation for the purchase of Regents Park Road. We would just like to thank you very much for all the great effort you put in. You were an absolute pleasure to deal with and it was great doing business with a real estate agent that also has the buyers best interest at heart. Your honesty was greatly appreciated and your professionalism and efficiency in getting the deal sealed is valued.

We will not hesitate in contacting you for our next purchase or even sale. Thanks again it was a pleasure doing business with you.

Rui and Sharon Mendes


Julianna from Buy&Sellrealestate.net.au has been amazing. Her professionalism, genuine care and evident enthusiasm has made the process of both selling and buying a stress less process. Julianna has gone above and beyond in all areas and her prompt response to all queries made the selling of my home an easy process.

I would highly recommend Buy&Sellrealestate.net.au to any one wanting an enthusiastic and highly professional sale and purchase.



We were very fortunate to have a real estate lady like Julianna. She works very, very hard with selling my three units. Such a ‘slow down’ climate in real estate. I am sure that she achieved the top price in that district. She was not just a real estate agent, she was an adviser on lots of legal things for the sellers and the buyers, which was very helpful for both of us.

I would recommend Julianna to anybody that needs a real estate agent. She is very conscious doing her work. Thank you Julianna! You did an exceptionally good job for me!

A Durtanovich


Thank You Julianna! You have been wonderful! Your honest, reliable and personal service was very much appreciated!! It was my absolute pleasure to have met you and worked along side you on the sale of my home. Thank you so much!

Jo Giles


You are a star, thank you. I would like to congratulate you on the success in Balga. It is a pleasure working with you!



Julianna sold our property in Westminster. She has always been incredibly professional, thorough and understanding in the toughest of circumstances and always went out of her way to ensure that we were happy. I would definitely deal with her again. I have purchased another apartment through Julianna, after she went out of her way to find my dream home.

Meagan Lewandowski

North Beach

As Power of Attorney I appointed Julianna to sell my overseas client’s North Beach property. From the beginning to the speedy end of the successful sale, Julianna meticulously, confidentially, professionally and enthusiastically, attended to very details in her uniquely personalized business style, seemingly effortlessly, making my task easier.

It has been a pleasure to work with Julianna. I would confidentially recommend Julianna to others in the future. Thank you Julianna.

Carol Cameron, Power of Attorney to Mr & Mrs Ivanovic

Tuart Hill

Julianna was a lovely agent. Friendly, professional and always available to give us advice and opinions. She really looked after us and made the selling and purchasing procedure much more enjoyable than we anticipated. I would strongly recommend her to my family and friends. Julianna was very good at her job, efficient and hardworking. Thank you so much!

Hayley Wong & Denny Vo